CS497, Section MH, Spring 1999, Meets 3:30-4:45 Thursdays, 2272 DCL


date    speaker		topic

Jan 28  Mike Heath	Sparse Direct Methods: A Tutorial Overview
Feb  4  David Hardy	Graph Model and Sparse Data Structures
Feb 11  Ali Pinar	Permuting Sparse Matrices to Special Forms
Feb 18  Boyana Norris	Minimum Degree Ordering
Feb 25  Fabiano Oyafuso	Nested Dissection and Graph Partitioning
Mar  4  Akhil Vidwans	Elimination Trees and Symbolic Factorization
Mar 11  Vanessa Lopez	Numeric Factorization
Mar 18  spring break
Mar 25  Manoj Gupta	Multifrontal Method
Apr  1  Haydar Kutuk	Triangular Solution
Apr  8  Gang Zou	Nonsymmetric Systems
Apr 15  Jim Jiao	Parallel Implementation Issues
Apr 22  Manoj Gupta	Scalability of Sparse Direct Methods
Apr 29  Bob Dodds	Linear Equation Solving in Computational Solid Mechanics